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Crop-Protector by Eye-Grain Aps is a Danish company specialized in developing and manufacturing technology to the POST-HARVEST sector. Our products can monitor stored grain, and perform aeration control in order to monitor, maintain and enhance the quality of stored commodities. With our product our clients improve monitoring of their stored grain, and they apply our unique aeration control system to minimize losses and increase earnings. We serve the entire grain storage industry from farm level to major industrial customers, and we operate worldwide.

We have our own R&D center where we develop new technologies, and we cooperate with university scientists. We co-sponsor various scientific projects to develop new innovative products for the benefit of the post-harvest sector. We are also cooperating with other companies in order to take advantage of technology synergies, enhance quality and simply to make our products more affordable. 


 is our umbrella trade mark, and it is associated with our famous products. 


Our bin monitoring products include:

    • iGrain Sense – digital temperature monitoring system


    • iGrain Hand Reader – most efficient temperature data logger


    • iGrain Sniffer – spoilage detection system based on precise CO2 monitoring


    • iGrain Moisture Sense – digital grain moisture sensing system


    • iGrain Bin Auditor – precise grain inventory management system


    • iGrain Dash Board – basic and easy to use grain monitoring software


    • iGrain Manager – advanced web-based grain monitoring software


  • iGrain Aerator – advanced automatic grain aeration control system


Our grain treatment products include:

    • iGrain Chiller – efficient high volume grain chillers


  • iGrain Ozonator – ozone machines developed to eliminate infestation


We have a large and exclusive pool of scientific and practical know-how from tailoring and applying post-harvest solutions in any climate zone worldwide, and we shall be honored to serve you.

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