Whole grain analyzer SEED-WATCH® NIR-50

Near-Infrared Seed Analyzer



Specially designed for quick, accurate

analysis of protein, moisture,

and oil in small quantity samples


Equally useful as portable

or laboratory instrument


Including standard

calibrations, or …


Generate easily your

own calibrations


Unique price





• Less than 1 minute warm up time

• Less than 1 minute analysis time

• Vide temperature range (-10 to 45 deg.C)

• Displays: protein, moisture and oil

• Standard calibrations implemented

• Includes full calibration analysis software

• Unmatched reliability

• Includes printer port (RS-232)

• Transfer of all data to a PC

Ideal for In-Field or Lab Testing


• Seed Research Labs

• Seed Breeders/Developers

• Crop Specific Applications

• Educational Applications

• Silo storage facilities


Available options


• Rugged aluminum carrying case

• Printer

• Up to 8 additional calibrations


Versatile technology


Superior technology for large AND small

sample sizes. The patented instrument is

the grain industry’s superior NIR analyzer specifically designed for and proven to

provide accurate analysis of small sized samples (100 or down to 20 grams).

Simple to Use – Easy to Operate

The SEED-WATCH® NIR-50 requires no special skills to operate. Simply pour the

whole grain sample to be analyzed into

the sample holder, and place the cup into

the analyzer. No special sample preparation

is needed. The sample is not damaged in any way. There is no waste or chemical by-products.

Once activated, the SEED-WATCH® NIR-50 quickly measures the grain’s protein, moisture, and oil concentrations and displays them on the LCD display or prints on the optional printer.


How it works


The analyzer works with “Diffuse Transmittance”, a principle where the light energy that enters the sample is scattered and absorbed within the sample. The spectra exiting the sample, and directly displays the product constituent concentrations


Sample cuvette – smaller unit

option for 20 gram

Technical data


Power supply:                                           6 AA Alkaline batteries or 12 VDC automobile adapter


Power adapter:                                         100 – 240 VAC 50 or 60 Hz


Dimensions and weight:                                     26 x 12 x 9 cm – Weight: 1,5 kg


Operating temperature Instrument:           5 – 45 deg. C – Sample: -10 – 45 deg. C


Sample information


Sample Size:                                     100 grams approximately – NO sample preparation required


Sample cuvette:                                        Adjustable, reusable 5 – 30 mm (for different grain sizes)


Optical Specifications


Spectrum Range:                                     14 wavelengths covering the band 893 to 1045 nm


Resolution:                                                0,00001 AU (Absorption Units)


Measurement time:                            Typically under 60 sec.


Calibrations and measure ranges


Standard calibrations included;                      Wheat (protein, moisture, and oil)


Optional calibrations:                         Barley, soybeans, rice and corn


Measure ranges Protein:                          0,1-70%, Moisture: 0,1-95%, Oil: 0,1 -50%


Calibration standards:                        Max. 8 different calibrations (with 3 constituents)


Output:                                              RS-232 output for printer or PC (spreadsheet option)

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