Measures grain moisture fast and accurate


• Approved for moisture & test weights

• Fully automatic including automatic test weight

• Reading of results in 8 seconds

• Best quality/price ratio in the market

In order to provide the market with the best

possible technology for grain moisture testing,

we cooperate with the world famous Steinlite

company. They have been committed to serving

the needs of the world’s agricultural community

since Mr. Stein invented the technology in 1931.

The cooperation between the technicians at

Steinlite and CROP-PROTECTOR® bring to you

the newest in their line of moisture testers, the

GW-95. This analyzer provides fast and accurate

results in a very comprehensive tester.






• Two RS232 type serial ports for connection

   to computers and printers

• LCD and LED moisture readouts

• Sequential sample numbering

• Infrared sensors have been added and the

   hopper enlarged to ensure sufficient sample

   size is used

• Built-in battery-backed clock maintains date

   and time

• 30 character comment line

• Flow through design for fast sampling

• Personalized printout

Calibration Scales


• More than 100 standard calibrations in the 

   memory at delivery

• Up to 1024 calibration scales of your choice

   may be loaded onto the GW-95

• Including 6 different rice calibration scales

• Including 5 different maize scales

• Including scales for 15 common nuts (Option)

• Customized calibrations are also available from our laboratory

• Sequential sample numbering, for ease of use.


  • Eye-Grain Aps
      Marielundvej 32A
        2730 Herlev