This is a series of both hardware and software units that can be combined together to form a system tailored to the requirements (bin size, fan capacity, climate zone, etc. etc.). In principle, there are  3 levels of aeration control available:

MARK I: A basic system where aeration fans can be switched on and off based on grain temperatures, ambient humidity and a few other parameters.

MARK II: A more advanced real time system that will operate the fans based on the

start condition and a selected TARGET CONDITION. It takes a lot of local

circumstances into account, and can be considered a semiautomatic aeration control

system. It has an advanced “manager feedback option” that allows the storage

manager to influence the “Path” to the target condition without stopping the automatic control loop.

MARK III: This is a high-tech, fully automatic real-time aeration control system. It will

attempt to take the stored commodity on the best possible “path” to accomplish the target condition.

It takes the climatic zone and seasonal conditions into account and it will alert the

operational manager in time if the target seems to be out of reach. This normally only

happens in tropical climates, or if the storage time is too short to reach the target.


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