Corporate overview


       ●  Multi storage sites

       ●  Breakdown to each site

       ●  Breakdown to each bin

       ●  Breakdown to each commodity

       ●  Much faster value assessment than

          “accounting” can provide




 Management advantages


           ●  Management transparency

           ●  Operational manager overview

           ●  Instant notification of any problems

           ●  Unique gateway options

           ●  Automatically generated suggestions

               for consideration

           ●  iGRAIN Smart Phone Application


Corporate management dashboard


                   ● Grain condition (temperature, moisture) classification

                   ● Design your own classification parameteres, or use default standards

                   ● Conditions monitoring: SAFE, LOW ALERT, HIGH ALERT,ALARM

                   ● Breakdown on sites, commodity types and more

                   ● Inventory dashboard, online, and breakdown to single bins

                   ● Trend curves for volume and quality, breakdown to single bins

  • Eye-Grain Aps
      Marielundvej 32A
        2730 Herlev