iGrain Aeration Control

This is a series of 3 basic units with different levels of aeration automation. It offers an unsurpassed technology to keep your stored crop in an optimum condition at all times. And via the iGRAIN-MANAGER software you can operate the system on the plant or via the cloud (internet).

iGrain Manager

This is our famous BIN MONITORING SOFTWARE. It integrates with all our bin monitoring units, and gives the user an EASY OVERVIEW of his stored crop condition. The data are presented in in easy DASH BOARD formats for various uses: Management, Operational staff, Quality Control etc. You wont get an easier way to monitor your stored crops. All information comes in both technical and “interpreted” formats.

iGrain Temperature Monitoring

This series of hardware products are all the building blocks required to make a comple SILO MONITORING SYSTEM. It includes the Temperature Sensor Cables, the communication boxes, etc. It also includes all kinds of mounting hardware necessary to install a monitoring system in any type of storage facility; including steel bins, flat storage buildings, concrete grain elevators, etc.

iGrain Weatherstation

This is the unique outdoor weather station that provides the necessary information about the temperature and relative humidity in the air. This information is vital for decisions regarding aeration of the grain wether those decisions are carried out manually or with an automatic aeration system.

iGrain Auditor

This system provides automatic status of the level, volume and weight of the store in every bin, and interfaces with IGRAIN MANAGER SOFTWARE, or a special BIN-AUDITOR software exclusively dedicated to inventory management. Automatic update of inventory status at all times.

iGrain Sniffer

The iGRAIN SNIFFER is a new technology designed to detect low levels of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) in stored grain. Monitoring the CO2 will give you the earliest possible detection and WARNING if you have any unwanted biologic activity in your stored grain. It will alert you earlier than any other technology such as temperature monitoring.

iGrain Clone Multiplexer

This is a unit that connects to old existing temperature monitoring systems. It is a “bridge” between thos old sensor cables and our iGRAIN MANAGER software. The unit “translates” those sensor readings into our digital format. The unit also calculates the efficiency of old sensor cables. Wireless connection is possible.

iGrain Wierless

Sometimes it is more convenient to transmit sensor signals via a wireless connection. This system offers a solution to this problem. The system comes with an automatic installation on screen guide, it is basically a “plug and play” system; in contrast to many other wireless devices.
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