Bin Monitoring iGRAIN is the series of products (building blocks) that can be put together and combined into a TOTAL BIN MONITORING system, small or big.

iGrain Sniffer

EARLY SPOILAGE DETECTION, The iGRAIN SNIFFER is a new technology designed to detect low levels of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) in stored grain. Monitoring the CO2 will give you the earliest possible detection

iGrain Chiller

EFFICINT COOLING OF STORED CROPS, These chilling machines are designed to to cool stored crops in the most efficient way. They use high volume flow technology for uniform cooling.

iGrain Ozonator

TERMINATE INFESTATION – RESQUE YOUR CROP, The CROP-PROTECTOR Ozonation Machines are Ozonating stored gain and thereby terminating infestation with insects, mold, fungus etc.


ACCURATE MOISTURE ANALYSIS, We offer a series of analyzers measuring moisture content and other parameters on grain, flour, feed pellets etc.
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