Working principle


iGRAIN-OZONATOR is a series of machines

designed to work in an automated manner, with

automatic feed-back control.

When the machine is put in place and connected

to the  aeration inlet of the silo, then the machine

executes the “process steps” automatically:

● Getting a stable flow of Ozone though  the

   grain mass

● Obtaining correct Ozone concentration to

   terminate biologic activity (fungus, insects, etc)

● Sustain the flow until 100% termination

● Shut down the proces

The ozonation proces is now completed, and the

silo can be entered after one hour.


Technological advantages


Ozonation is much more efficient

   than traditional fumigation.

● The Ozonation process will

   eliminate harmful biological activity 100%.

● Ozone does not create mutational

   resistance as Phosphine and 

   other chemicals.

● Ozone is much safer than

    traditional fumigants

● Ozone is much less toxic to humans

   than traditional fumigants

   (Phosphine etc.) which causes many

   lethal accidents.



Economic advantages


● Ozonation is over time more economical

   than conventional fumigation methods.


    an expected lifetime of 10 years+

    with minimal maintenance costs.

● No “expert staff” required to operate the machine.

● Reduced requirement for fan operation

   after treatment.

● When Ozonation is used supplementary to

   grain chilling, the need to cool

   is significantly reduced.


Environmental advantages


● Ozone is a non toxic and

   non pollutant agent

● Ozone is a lot less damaging to the

   grain than traditional fumigants

● Ozone substitutes Phosphine and

   other chemicals

● No transport of toxic gases

   needed since the Ozone is

   generated on-site.

● Only power is required to generate

   Ozone; enabling use anywhere.



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