Benchmark features:

● HIGH PRECISION (1cm resolution)

● Well proven YO-YO technology

● No requirement for operational “boxes”

● Fill level in % and meter/feet

● Volume in m³ or Bushel

● Options to calculate weight


User benefits:

The iGRAIN system will provide you with the

most reliable inventory data possible.

The system can operate many units on a single data bus (Modbus RS-485), and the data can be integrated in the iGRAIN MANAGER software, or it can be operated from the iGRAIN AUDITOR utility software In cases where silos are scattered over large areas the data network can be tied together via the GRAIN WIRELESS units In the trend curve section you can watch changes both on total storage and in single bins In the report set-up menu you can select different types of reportes, and report fequency















Shrinkage detection:

If operated with the GRAIN MANAGER software the system will calculate the shrinkage as it occurs in the storage facility.

This unique feature allows you tocompare shrinkage in different bins and improve decision making.

If the sensor is mounted exactly 1/3 of the bin radius from the side, then the “true level” is not affected by the grain slope. A “filling slope” or an “unloading slope” is automatically compensated for by the sensor. A network of units is built with the databus. The units can be hardwired or connected via radio link, and can also communicate via the GRAIN cloud server
  • Eye-Grain Aps
      Marielundvej 32A
        2730 Herlev